Fate Tattoo is an artist-owned shop. Since we opened our doors in 1996, our goals have been simple: we want to create tattoos that are clean, attractive and well done in an atmosphere that is friendly and professional. We believe that good work is its own reward, and we carry that philosophy into every new tattoo.

We strive to be proactive about health and safety, and since 2004 have chosen to be a completely disposable shop. Simply put, this means that everything that comes into contact with your skin is new. We encourage you to be proactive as well, and we welcome any questions you may have about the tattoo process.

Fate is located at 2202 N. High St., two blocks north of Lane Ave. on the East side of High St. The shop sits at the corner of Norwich and High. Parking can be found on High St. and the surrounding side streets, but beware of No Parking signs and times.

Phone 614.299.9930

Open 7 Days, 12pm-7pm